Sunday, November 25, 2012

CLOTHING JAVA (The Implied Meaning in Traditional Clothing Complete Java)

Javanese traditional clothes commonly called the Javanese dress has a specific symbol for the Javanese. Clothing full Java piwulang sinandhi (teachings disguised) is rich in teaching Java. In this fashion the hidden teachings of Java to do everything in this world in harmony associated with everyday activities, both in relation to fellow human beings, ourselves and God the Almighty Creator of everything.Custom clothing that is worn on the head, like iket, udheng: parts of the body there rasukan (clothes): jarik belt, epek, buckle on the back of the body and the dagger worn at the bottom of the foot or the canela.HeadgearFor the head usually ancient Javanese (traditional) wearing "iket" headband that is set up in such a way so as to cover the head. How to wear iket should kenceng (strong) bonds that are not easily dislodged. Iket intended meaning people should have thought of that kenceng, not easily swayed just because a situation or another person without careful consideration.Almost as use is udheng too, worn on the head by wearing like wearing a hat. If it is worn over the head, and udheng iket difficult to distinguish because the meaning and function the same. Udheng Mudheng verb or understand clearly, understand. The idea that humans have a strong idea, know and understand the purpose of life and the life of being or sangkan Paraning. Besides udheng also means that people should have the skills to carry out their work with a solid knowledge base or mudheng. In other words, let people have the skills of a professional.Clothing kejawen like beskap always comes with Benik (buttons) on the left and right. Coat Benik implicit in that is that the (Java) to perform all actions always diniknik any, taken into account. Whatever will be done ought not to harm others, can, keeping between private interests and the public interest. Belts (belt) worn looped manner (diubetkan) to the body. This doctrine is implied from the belt that should be willing to work diligently to maintain their livelihoods. For that man must Ubed (work in earnest) and do not work no result or buk (breakeven / no gain). Said belt means see that everything you do not ngebukne. So should Ubed or persistent.Epek for Java means that in order to work properly, must epek (stale, show, find) useful knowledge. During take science to seek diligently, carefully and meticulously so that they can understand clearly. Buckle means that if the knowledge gained should be clearly understood or clearly, there will be no sense Samang (worry) Samang origin of the word buckle. Jarik or sinjang a cloth worn to cover the body from waist to ankle. Jarik meaningful aja serik easy (not easy to be jealous of other people). In response to each problem must be careful, not undue haste (emotional).Pleat jarik or cloth worn constantly by means mewiru (meripel) vertical edges or sides just such a way. Pleat or pleats (rimple) obtained by fold-fold (mewiru). This implies that jarik can not escape from the pleat, intended wiwiren wrote nganti kleru, doing all the things not to be mistaken in order to foster a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. Bebed is fabric (jarik) worn by men as in women, men should Ubed bebed meaning, hardworking, be careful of all the things to do and "tumindak nggubed rina Wengi ing" (work all day)Canela has meant "Canthelna jroning nala" (strong hold in your heart) is synonymous Cripu canela, Slippers, or sandals. Canela is always worn on the feet, which means the worship of Almighty God, let from birth to the inner or manembah prostrate at the feet of HIS. In my heart is sumeleh (surrender) to the power of God Almighty.Suspicious lan sheathSuspicious or dagger intangible wilahan, keys and contained in the sheath or container. Suspicious worn on the back of the body. Keris has a pralambang that dagger sheath as well as man's creation and the creator yatu Allah the Almighty, manunggaling Gusti servant. Because the body is placed on the back, a dagger means that the worship of Almighty God let people get to ngungkurake godhaning demons that always annoy humans when humans will act in kindness.

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